Design Studio


Behind the products, the initiatives and the amazing MONO community lies a nimble design studio. Nestled on the water’s edge facing San Francisco, California, MONO HQ is our design lab, our creative hub and our corporate sales office. Design thinking drives everything we do. Whether it is launching a product or shooting a video, our focus is on building an incredible company and a respected brand to support the creative class.


Our products are the outcome of our greater mission: to support creators. From musicians to DJs to producers to photographers, we are passionate about designing innovative products that make the creative life more enjoyable, more seamless, and more efficient. But our vision is bigger than our product line. We strive to be a force for good in the world, and to give our all in everything we do. We take pride in fostering connections in the creative community, and inspiring those we design for.


Every product tells a story. We draw inspiration from the music we listen to, the artists we admire, and our own experiences traveling the world. We embed those experiences into the products we make. We call our aesthetic Industrial Elegance™ - an iconic design language developed for the modern creator. This shared DNA unifies MONO products with clean lines, utilitarian functionality, considered details, unexpected materials and timeless design.


MONO consists of a growing team of experienced musicians, industrial designers, brand strategists, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, web designers, service and sales professionals, operators, dreamers and, some mornings, philosophers. The team represents a formidable San Francisco/Bay Area talent pool and believes that indeed, anything is possible.


The "><" mark represents the intersection between two creative worlds. Left brain, right brain. Designer, musician. Entrepreneur, photographer. As creatives, we don't identify with just one thing, one title, one label. We share an appreciation for good design, an obsession for our craft, and an irresistible drive to break the mold. The space between. The overlap. This is where interesting things start to happen. This is where we operate.


We are always looking for exceptional retailers, artists, distributors, and team members.


Let MONO be part of your success story. We welcome collaboration inquiries for like-minded brands, companies and events. We work with select clients in multiple industries to create impactful promotional and/or Co-Branded products that will generate years of visibility.


MONO was founded in San Francisco, 2007, by Philadelphia-born industrial designer and musician, Daniel Kushner. After an inspirational four year career at internationally-acclaimed design firm, IDEO, Daniel left with a vision for launching a global lifestyle brand for the creative class, creating bespoke products while merging his love of design with his love of music. Daniel's work has been recognized by The Industrial Design Society of America (IDEA Award, 2013), Businessweek (Catalyst Award, 2007) and INDEX: Design To Improve Life (INDEX Award, 2007). Daniel currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and three kids, where he continues to serve MONO as CEO / Design Director. Follow Daniel on twitter: @danielwkushner